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Effortless Elegance in Luxurious Cashmere

Exclusive British Design

Cashmere designed here in Britain, for your enjoyment

Our unrivalled passion for quality cashmere is the first of many good reasons why you should consider relying on us for all of your cashmere requirements. For over 17 years we have grown our team and our community of thousands of customers around one common passion - our shared love of quality Cashmere. 

Our journey for the love of cashmere

In that time our journey has led to us designing, developing and manufacturing our own knitwear garments and accessories and becoming even more passionate about the wonders of the world’s finest fibre.

Only the best quality cashmere

As specialists we ensure the best quality yarn, finest styles, colour choices and the technical know-how come together to create the perfect cashmere piece. Our staff all wear and love cashmere, are extremely knowledgeable and will be more than happy to chat over which style, size or even colour choice may suit you. 

Classics, emerging styles and new design trends

When assembling our new collections, our in house knitwear designer considers emerging styles and trends, fittings and durability. We talk daily with our customers and in doing so listen and learn from your feedback. These comments are often the catalysts to new design ideas and improvements and result in our unique designs and products, which you won’t find elsewhere. They are tested rigorously (often by members of our team!) before they are allowed into our catalogue or website. A well designed and manufactured cashmere sweater should, like a fine wine, improve with age and this is always our aim.

What's on your wishlist?

If you have anything on your wishlist, any suggestions or even a style you would like us to make please email Victoria directly at [email protected] or write to us with a picture or drawing. 

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